At Asshna Developers, we craft lifestyles that resonate with luxury, innovation, and unwavering quality. With a visionary spark, we were founded by Mr. Amith C Punjabi, a connoisseur of the real estate realm. Rooted in Mumbai, our journey has been one of collaboration, as we’ve seamlessly transformed ideas into architectural marvels through a symbiotic relationship with our clients.

Fuelled by their trust, we’ve soared to new heights, becoming a prominent name in Mumbai’s real estate landscape. Our dedicated team, driven by audacity and innovation, navigates challenges to deliver beyond expectations. Through a fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless values, we sculpt environments that reflect aspirations and dreams. Asshna Developers where every space narrates a story of unparalleled grandeur

Our Mission

Team Asshna strongly believes in delivering the dream of every citizen by building affordable luxury/weekend homes for all classes of individuals.

The goal is to make a pollution-free environment far from the concrete world and near nature with natural cultivation where you can revive yourself and feel peace and calm.

Completed Projects
Associate Partners